5k: Best Ebay Listing Ever: 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo MkIII

Here on the pages of Daily Turismo we waste much of our time (and yours too!) ranting about many ebay listings that are an offense against taste and decency, totally lacking in theology and geometry, and ultimately damaging to one’s soul….but sometimes a listing appears that makes us think perhaps we are not teetering on the edge of an abyss.  All is well with this 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo MkIII Slushbox for sale in Yorba Linda, CA currently bidding for $5,877 with no reserve and 4 days to go.  Tip from Rod S!

Tipper Rod S writes: “This could be the greatest ad I have ever seen.”  No argument here – this isn’t just an example of a well equipped cameraman who is able to make a dog turd look like tandoori chicken on top of saffron rice.  The man (woman?) behind the camera does have a enough insight to use a low-sun setting (dusk or dawn) to get great high-contrast photos with good composition that are pleasing to the eye AND descriptive for sale purposes.

The ad text is surprisingly informative and strangely accurate.  The Toyota 7M-GTE inline-6 is rated at 230 horsepower and has recently had its headgasket replaced by a certified Toyota mechanic along with the water pump, timing belt & hoses. This is the sort of detail that the average craigslist crackhead can’t figure out how to carefully enumerate after he gETS HIS CAPSLOCK KEY STUCK ON.

The interior is also in tip top shape, we especially like the open door photo provided by the seller with the caption “We’ll inspect the interior next, shall we?”  Brilliant!!  The photo collage feels like an in person inspection, starting with a thorough walk around, a glance inside and even a photo the car cruising down the road – but not your typical stance-bro “rollin with my flat brim down” glamor shot, simply a photo showing the gauges all working.

The icing on the cake of this ebay listing has to be the fact that the seller is listing this as a no reserve – no secret buy-it-now price auction.  He has had several people ask him for a buy-it-now price and he publicly replies that this car will sell via auction for whatever price the market will bear.  Love it!  See a better ebay listing? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com