5k: Been Around The Block: 1986 Audi Coupé GT, Low Miles

Everyone remembers the Audi Quattro for its turbocharged speed and rally winning 4WD system, but few recall that it was a special edition of the forgotten B2 generation Audi Coupé.  The Coupé was visually similar to the Quattro but used an inline-5 mounted longitudinally and mated to the front wheels.  Find this low mile 1986 Audi Coupé GT Commemorative Edition for sale in Portland, OR for $5,500 buy-it-now on ebay. Update 11/13/13 this car has been relisted for $500 less on BIN.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The Coupé GT was the upgraded version of the basic coupe and this one is a special Commemorative Edition that includes a digital dash and..hang-on, just what is so special about the Commemorative Edition anyway.  Using powerful search engine tools (the google) we were unable to find a definitive answer to this question, but we did notice that this Coupé GT has, in the last month, been listed on both Bringatrailer and Germancarsforsaleblog – so given the lack of sale we can only assume the price is entirely too high…which brings us to the engine bay.

The street version of the Audi Quattro is no barnstormer with a turbocharged 200 horsepower engine, but the Coupé GT uses a 110 horsepower inline-5 that is mounted far forward in the engine bay with the radiator shoved back and to the driver’s side.  Unfortunately 110 horsepower, inline-5 exhaust note and front wheel is not driving nirvana – in fact it is much closer to suicide via shotgun to the head Nirvana.

Even this sweet functioning digital dash can’t save this car from being overpriced.  At $6k there are just so many other options – so wait this one out.  It is a great deal at $3k and could be driven for a year and sold on your local craigslist in a weekend – no need to spend 6 months trying to find that one sucker on ebay to pay too much for it so you can recoup your costs.

See a better German coupe for less?  Yeah, so do we…