5k: Bed, Bathtub & Beyond Body-On-Frame: 1949 Nash Super 600 2-Door

The Nash Super 600 was a big upside-down tub styled behemoth built in Kenosha, WI by the Nash-Kelvinator corporation.  Internet rumor has it that the Nash 600 was the first car to use unibody construction and the name 600 comes from the total distance you could drive on one tank of fuel (20 gal tank, 30 mpg…errr…you do the math…).   Find this 1949 Nash Super 600 2-door for sale in Henderson, MD currently bidding on ebay for $4,950 with 2 days to go.

The Nash Super 600 is one of those classic American cars that combines awesome road presence with the reflexes of a 100 lb house-cat on Prozac.   The 3000 plus pound coupe is powered by a 235 cubic inch flathead inline-6 that makes 112 horsepower.  Expect it to be slow.

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