5k: Basketcase: 1963 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery Deluxe

The Falcon sedan delivery was a bread-van shaped
2-door sold in the first and second generation Falcon platform for light commercial use. The Falcon name was also used on the larger Econoline Van, but that was
called the Club Wagon and was a significantly larger vehicle with a cab forward setup.  Regular readers will remember the sweet Shelby parts hauler replica that sold last summer, but the price was high, so this is your chance to get one for cheap.  Find this 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Sedan Delivery Wagon for sale in Chicago, IL currently bidding for $1,525 on ebay with 6 days to go.

This Falcon Sedan Delivery is being offered as a mostly complete project that needs a total restoration.  It does not run and is rustier than the hull of the Titanic…and amazingly enough, someone will buy it.

Concerned that the original 4-wheel drum brakes with single circuit master cylinder won’t be enough to safely haul this car down from speed?  Don’t worry, just drop your Converse All-Star covered feet to the ground and slow down like Fred Flintstone.

The seller was nice enough to include a vintage advertising composite showing what this car could look like after a few months of blood, sweat, tears and $10k in restoration.  Normally we don’t recommend total basket case cars for anyone (it is almost always better financially to buy something that only needs minor restoration) but the Sedan Delivery is a rare enough car that it might make financial sense to do a restoration if you can pick up the corpse for next to nothing.  The Falcon aftermarket is great and unlike trying to restore a Rambler Ambassador you won’t need to bid against anyone else on the only headlight bucket on ebay.  Parts are cheap and free information is at the tip of your fingers on numerous enthusiast forums.

See a cooler blue shooting brake?  tips@dailyturismo.com