5k: 428 Powered Wagon: 1968 Mercury Colony Park

The 5th generation Mercury Colony Park was a battleship sized sedan from
Ford and shared its body-on-frame chassis with the Mercury Monterey,
Park Lane, Montclair, Commuter…plus Ford Galaxie, LTD and Country
Squire – basically anything from Ford’s lineup that affects the tide when it moves.  The “Lincoln Continental of station wagons” was a rolling slab of steel
covered in a few large strips of genuine fake timber — the perfect ride for a 60’s large family.  Find this 1968 Mercury Colony Park offered for $7,400 in Amityville, NY via craigslist.

This is no ordinary Colony Park powered by the 390 cubic inch FE V8, or even the upgraded 410 cubic inch Marauder V8.  The seller claims it is a special order 428 cubic inch version of the FE V8 which would have been rated in the 330 horsepower range in a Galaxie or similar plus sized Ford.

The secret to seating 8 passengers in big classic wagon is 3 up front, 3 in the middle row and 2 more face-to-face in the back row jump seats.  It was common back in the day to stick 10 people (2 on each row in the back) in the full sized wagons, but safety belts and kids seats are no longer suggestions.

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