5k: 2000 Chevy Corvette C5 Buggy

The Chevrolet Corvette started out as a well equipped performance sports car in the 1950s, besting most of what Europe had to offer in speed, quality, comfort and technology.  The modern Corvette doesn’t quite have the comfort of its European competitors, but it certainly offers a performance per dollar ratio that cannot be beaten.  Today’s feature takes that to an extreme, this 2000 Chevy Corvette C5 has had its wrecked plastic exoskeleton removed and now offers the ultimate C5 buggy experience – located just outside the gates of the Cleveland Pick-A-Part and is currently bidding on ebay for $2,025 reserve-not-met with buy it now of $7,295 with 8 days to go.

Now before you say to yourself ‘Haha-funny Daily Turismo is making a joke..” Stop!  We aren’t joking, we want to buy this car and drive it on the street as is.  Seriously.  We know manyseveral at least one guy named DWood would drive this car everyday to work and back if given the chance by the local five-oh.  If you could find the right state that requires no inspection after de-salvaging a title (Texas or maybe Alaska?) this could have a few Lotus-7 style head/tail lights installed and maybe a rollbar + 5pt harness = winning.  Maybe a windshield if you live anywhere bugs like to fly around.

 No need to pop the hood to be able to admire the LS1 5.7 liter V8 powering this roadster – it pumps out 350 horsepower in stock trim, but a few simple mods (LS6 cams/heads/ECU) pump it well into the mid 400 hp range.  This example is unfortunately equipped with a slushbox transaxle, but the swap to 6spd manual should be easy given the access of a body-less C5.

This car is a great deal if you need the drivetrain for your LS1 equipped Toyota 4Runner, custom AMC based Batmobile or just want to drive it as-is.  We can’t find anything faster for the money.

See a better buggy?  email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com