5k: 1987 Dodge Ram 1500 – Official Indy 500 Truck – Not a Free Candy Van

Each new year brings new resolutions and ours is simple; we resolve to post more awesome vans.  The reason is simple; vans are great for hauling junk, people and, no matter what they say, chicks dig vans.  They will tell you all kinds of things about how they are creepy, and use long words like ‘restraining order’ – but the truth is deep down they love guys who drive around big windowless vans, especially ones with sweet vintage racing related graphics.  Check out this 1987 Dodge Ram 1500 Indy 500 Package currently bidding for $1300 bones on ebay located in Dickson, TN.  This is a fantastic price and saves you tons of money to fill it with candy and its also listed on craiglist for $1399 .

 The Dodge Ram 1500 is a full sized van built on Chrysler’s AD truck platform – the basis for all kinds of trucks, vans and large SUVs.  A van is extremely useful as you can haul about as much as a pickup, drive anywhere an SUV can go and no one will steal anything from the back. 

 What really sets this one apart from other cheap vans isn’t the 318 V8 pushing 140 horsepower and 240 ft-lbs of torque – its the awesome 1987 Indy 500 graphics.  The 1987 Indy 500 was lead for the first 170 laps by Mario Andretti before his car had ignition problems and was ultimately won by Al Unser in the last few minutes – but this was back when the Indy cars didn’t look like low flying pieces of sculpture and was actually interesting to watch.

The insides of this van is pretty filthy and chances are high that a few people have been murdered inside this van – but what are the odds that you fall into the owners favorite group of people to kill?  Probably low enough to avoid being rolled up in a carpet remnant like a Hell Angel’s hot dog, but we’d suggest a neutral location for pickup and bring a friend… or two.

Bottom line this is a fantastic price for what would be a great race car tow vehicle or conversation starter.

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