5k: 1987 BMW 325i; Clean

We are going to get a lot of hate mail for featuring yet another BMW and an E30, but the series-2 (small bumper) E30s are a great bargain for a daily driver that will become a future classic.  All you need to know:  free revving inline 6, rear wheel drive, limited slip-diff, manual transmission…it doesn’t get much better for less than $10k…just go ahead and call us fan-boys.  This 1987 BMW 325i is for sale in Philadelphia, PA for $6500 via the bimmerforums.com classifieds.


 The E30 was given a significant mid-cycle refresh in 1987, and the later cars look more modern but lost some of the classic shark styling that it shared with the e21, e24 and e21.  Regardless the series 2 cars command a much higher prices, but are still affordable when compared to many inferior driving machines.

 This E30 is currently owned by someone who runs the VAC Motorsports bimmerforums account, either an employee of VAC or the owner.  This is a good thing because folks who work for BMW performance shops have access and understanding of the cars at a much higher level than the average hack and the numerous performance parts should be installed correctly and in good shape.  The original M20 inline 6 has been rebuilt and upgraded, and a quick glance at the build sheet shows that could be good for 200-225 horsepower.  The seats in the photo above are out of an E30 M3 and the leather is in excellent shape.

 The suspension has also been massaged in this E30, including lowering springs, custom valved shocks and poly/delrin bushings that will go squeek-squeek-squeek when ever the temperature drops below 60 F.  The bushings will sharpen up the suspension and steering reflexes and the only cost is the sound of a few crickets chirping on cold mornings.  Overall we think this car is would be a great daily driver and is offered at a very reasonable price. 

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