5k: 1976 Austin Mini Morris Double Decker

The Mini is a British motoring classic and was manufactured under various names from 1958-2000.  It was small, cheap and spacious on the inside, available as a saloon (the kind with 4 seats, not with bar stools and cowboys), estate (wagon), van and pickup.  It wasn’t however offered as a double decker wheelchair/motorcycle hauler..until some enterprising individual with a welder created this 1976 Mini ‘Double Decker’ handicapped accessible…thing, for sale in Bucyrus, OH on ebay $6495 buy-it-now.

The seller claims this vehicle came from a factory in Leyland in 1976 as an odd looking double-decker with handicapped ramp…but we find this hard to believe – it was probably just a Van (we think Van because of the non-factory style weatherstripping and shape/size of the rear lower side windows…and because the vin “XLV1277842A” decodes to L:998cc 4 cyl, V: Van).

The factory 1 liter inline 4 cylinder engine puts out something on the order of 44 horsepower and is mated to the front wheels.  Original minis are small and nimble machines noted for their ability to zig, zag and drive down flights of stairs with ease – but we aren’t so sure what it’ll drive like once you add a bunch of additional body and wheel chair ramp bits…

Apparently designed for a wheelchair -we’d use this to put motorcycles, bicycles, unicycles or jet skis in the back and drive to the track, mountains, big top or lake. 

We like the idea of a mini RV or toy hauler and with the right amount of additional tie down spots and maybe some curtains in the top – this could be a sweet car to drive to your favorite playground.

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