5k: 1975 Ford Torino Brougham Wagon, Unmolested Original

Sharp readers may have noticed that DT has been on a bit of a Brougham binge lately – an automotive genre defined by those stately quasi-luxury barges that were somehow meant to evoke the elegance of a bygone era filled with carriages, soft candlelight, and operas. Just like a GT, Deluxe, or Touring trim designation, a Brougham was usually a tarted-up version of any given lesser car model, and most of the major auto manufacturers chose to release some sort of Broughammery into the world with a zenith cresting sometime in the ’70s. Ford was no exception, in fact they may have been the worst offender main peddler of Broughams in the US during that era. Most Ford, Mercury and Lincoln Broughams had decorative vinyl tops and exterior opera lights, and were based on 4-door sedans or 2-door coupes. Today we’ve found the odd exception – a wagon based Brougham without any of that gaudy exterior frippery. This 1975 Ford Torino Brougham wagon looks sharp in white and is available on craigslist for $4900 in Gardena, CA.

The Torino has gone the way of the Edsel, but was Ford’s primary and popular “Intermediate” sized car line and a standalone model series from 1970-1976. Famous Torinos include Starsky & Hutch’s ’74 coupe, Clint Eastwood’s ’72 green “get off my lawn” time machine, and of course The Dude’s ’73 Torino sedan – in a shade of green, with brown uh…rust colorations. Like the one we found back in August of 2012, but much more used, and without the sweet vinyl top.

This whtie wagon seems to have led a pampered life; it has no visible dents or evidence of bashing into dumpsters, all four of the original hubcaps are intact, the glass is not cracked or encrusted with stickers, and the body appears to even be wearing its original paint (or perhaps a repaint in the original shade – the seller doesn’t specify). Since these pictures were shot in what looks to be a self storage lot, we are going to assume that this car has been dormant for some time or is at least used sparingly these days. It does appear to have correct original California blue & yellow plates, indicating that it has been in the light-rust climate for most if not all of its life. Being a ’75 model year gives it the distinction of also being the newest Brougham wagon that is exempt from smog checks in its home state.

Power comes from a 351 cubic inch V8 that has recently been rebuilt, which is probably the venerable Windsor design – although Ford did offer the altogether different 351M in this car as well, but the seller does not specify which variation this is. The 351 Windsor was the base engine for the Torino by ’75 but this editor is not enough of a Ford V8 savant to know whether this is the 351W or 351M based on this underhood image – any readers care to chime in?

There does appear to be functional (or at the least, intact) air conditioning present in this car, and from the one interior shot provided we can see what makes this one a Brougham: the Naugahyde and simulated burlwood appointments. It looks comfortable enough. Cruising with the whole gang is what this car is about, whether it’s to a drive-in movie, a summer trip to the beach, or on a cross-country road trip vacation during which everyone gets to know everyone else a little too well.

For the money, we think this would be a sweet multi-purpose wagon if it runs as nice as it looks. It will never get decent fuel economy, or fit in small parking spaces, or do anything that resembles actual handling. Wafting around in Broughamic style is what the new owner should desire. We also think that with a hitch installed, it would make the perfect tow vehicle for Black Iron Racing’s Bavarian Brougham BMW E36. Of course then it would have to be rechristened as…the Towham!

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