5k: 1974 Honda Civic Convertible Pickup Truck

Pollock Pines, CA — A major 3 car pileup occurred a few months ago in downtown Pollock Pines.  A diamond plate covered Hummer H3 rear-ended a Civic Del Sol, which accordion-ed into the back of a first generation Civic.  Fortunately no one was injured, but the crumpled remains of this tragic accident can now be purchased on ebay, current bidding $610, reserve not met.  The following scenes may not be suitable for small children, seeing eye dogs and old Honda car collectors.

Looking like a scene straight out of Red Asphalt 3 – Beyond Thunderchrome – few parts of the original cars can be identified. The Hummer H3 wheels are clearly visible along with a few remaining pieces of its diamond-plate exoskeleton – but it’s been completely merged into a steaming pile of crumpled Honda Civic sheet metal.

The B pillar and door are all that remain of the crushed Del Sol. Rear lights from an unknown car along with chrome accents litter the pavement in a haphazard fashion.  Words cannot fully capture emotion of seeing this photograph for the first time.  A moment of silence please.

All that remains of the 1st generation Civic is the headlights, grill and hood. 

A dangling license plate under a de-tired rim reminds us to always buckle up, check both mirrors and take our meds before embarking on a new project.  Stay safe my friends.  Don’t let this happen to someone you know.

If you see something similar for sale on the web…please…PLEASE don’t email us.  In fact, we aren’t going to even share a ‘tips’ email address in this post.  Leave us alone, we need some time to digest this scene.