5k: 1973 Mercedes 450SE Euro

The W116 Mercedes chassis was the first MBZ to officially be called the S-Class, S for Sonderklasse or “special class”. It was indeed a special car – with a 112 inch wheelbase (or 118 inch long wheelbase) and 4.5 liter V8 (or 6.9 liter monster!) it was a stately cruiser sold at high prices to wealthy bankers, politicians and other aristocrats.  The hedge fund managers have long since moved on to newer models and left these depreciated classics for hedge pruning managers and this 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450 SE Euro version is for sale Pasadena, CA for $5500 is a great example (via Craigslist).

The thing that pops right out is how much the Euro W116 looks like the earlier Benzes (W108 maybe?) because it isn’t shackled with the cow killer US front bumpers.  This particular car is an awesome shade of avocado green on the outside and avocado pit tan on the inside..well the color of the avocado seed once you removed that brownish skin…but it makes for a great metaphor!  The 4.5 liter V8 powering this German sled is the M117 V8 putting out 190 horsepower and 225 ft-lbs of torque.  M117s are known for being reliable, but if anything goes wrong it will make guacamole out of your wallet.

We love the original color matched wheels and the Euro plate (although they are strictly illegal for on-road use and cops in California will pull you over and compliment you for how nice the car looks and maybe give you a roadside proctology exam if they aren’t late for the doughnut shop).  We wish there were a few more photos of this car, but the owner claims that everything works only the front seats need foam.

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