5k: 1972 Citroën SM

Citroën was founded in 1919 by a French industrialist (André-Gustave Citroën (1878–1935)) and was the first mass producing car company outside the USA.  Like Bernard Arnault, many Citroën have left their native shores seeking greener pastures and are now for sale for cents on the franc.  This 1972 Citroën SM is for sale in San Jose, CA bidding at $5101 on ebay reserve-met with 8 days to go. 

The Citroën SM was originally built as a high end GT car with a sophisticated Citroën suspension system and a Maserati V6, but today they are depreciated to DT prices.  The French self leveling suspension was a regressive system so that if you were a tycoon who weighed 40 million lbs or a street sweeper who weighed 40 lbs, you would both sit at the same level…très progressive!

If a 75% tax rate won’t scare you then perhaps the 170 horsepower 2.7 liter Maserati V6 mounted behind the front axle will.  The V6 is driving the front wheels for a unique mid-front setup will convince you to move to Belgium.  People joke about the Porsche 928 having a better aerodynamics in reverse than forwards, but the SM would have better aerodynamics, traction and handling in reverse.

The insides of this particular example have aged about as well as North Korea’s version of communism…  And it was a real wreck to begin with as well with seats that look about as comfortable as the chair in a ‘waiting’ room at the Hanoi Hilton. 

The idiot light cluster looks like some kind of Communist Youth merit badge.  “Hey Pierre, did you get your ‘rectangular box with a squiggly line inside it’ badge yet?”  “Oui!”


We are fans of the rear end of the SM – the covered wheels and low mounted tail lights add an air of futuristic optimism to a car that came from a company that went bankrupt the year after this car was built…but that is all in the past, now Citroën are badge engineered Peugeots financed by the French government….

Would you buy this SM or tax it to death?

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