5k: 1969.5 Ford Maverick; It Ain’t Easy Being Anti-Establish-Mint Green

“Its not that easy being green” — so famously sung by Kermit the frog could not have applied more to this 1970 Ford Maverick currently for sale in Burleston, TX, bidding for just under $5,000 with 3 hours to go.   But green’s the color of spring and this car was inexplicably given a spring shower with a pressure washer, blistering off large chunks of paint and reducing its resale value considerably.

And green can be cool and friendly-like the front face of the Maverick.  This Anti-Establish-Mint green (ok, this is the actual name of the color code 7 from a 1969 Maverick spec sheet, we aren’t being silly) looks great in original condition with stock wheels, white wall tires and we would try to fix the wash-damaged panels without respraying the entire car.

And green can be big like a mountain…which is the case for this Maverick’s engine, its the 200 cubic inch 3.3 liter Thriftpower inline 6 (this was the big engine for the Maverick line before it added a V8 in 1971) putting out 120 horsepower and 190 ft-lbs of torque.

Or important like a river…not sure how a river is important, but the Maverick was hugely important to Ford’s profits in the early 1970s as it fought off an onslaught of fuel efficient European and Japanese competition.  The only asset the Maverick had to give it decent fuel economy was a light curb weight at around 2900 lbs, but it was tossible and fun car to drive similar to a 1st generation Mustang.

Or tall like a tree…okay, I’ve got nothing related to a tree on this Maverick other than the green color – so we’ll leave the Kermit song on youtube… Regardless, this Maverick would make a cool original condition daily turismo for the right owner – are you Kermit enough?

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