5k: 1969 Saab Sonett II

When searching world web for cool rides,

On auction giant ebay in Santa Paula, socal,

We’ve found a Thorsday candidate for daily drives,

A 69 Saab Sonett for seven point five k, buy-it-now,

This Sonett is a funky looking crimson beauty,

Built by madmen from fiberglass in Sweden,

At least a restorer won’t find rust or putty,

And the smokey ones are driven by motors for weedin,

But this Sonnett is powered by a Taunus V4,

That produces a paltry amount of brake horsepower,

By SAE’s gross count it makes about 64,

Put to asphalt via centrifugal clutch to the front tire;


 We like the Sonnett – but find its exterior style,

 Makes our mouth taste a bit like bile.

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