5k: 1969 Kaiser M109 Military Truck

It is a well known fact that ex-miliary vehicles make some of the best recreational vehicles…well maybe not a fact, but certainly a common thought amongst lunatics, survivalists and bitcoin currency advocates.  For those who spend as much time off road as on the silk road, this 1969 Kaiser M109A3 2.5 ton 6×6 military cargo van is something you should risk a trip to Chatsworth, CA and buy for $6000 (USD please, no digital currency please!).

The M109 is a variant of the M35 2.5 ton military truck – this one a Van – which is much better for zombie apocalypse survival and keeping your stuff secure in a dangerous war torn city like Baghdad, Damascus or Stockton.

The M109 won’t give many creature comforts inside – what it will do is let you enjoy a military like experience of simple gauges, boosted power steering and a manual transmission.  This beast is powered by the LDT 465 7.8 liter turbocharged multi-fuel (most likely diesel or kerosene) inline 6.  The LDT465 puts out 134 hp / 330 ft-lbs of torque and was built by one of several defunct American manufacturing companies (Continental Motors, Hercules, or White Motors), these brick and mortar companies long ago displaced by low cost foreign slave labor, marketing companies, patent licensing companies and internet scammers…

Plenty of room for…well…an extra set of tires- they will take up a ton of room because this is 6×6 (6 wheels, 6 wheel drive!) – and all the ammo you can shove into the back.  This could be converted to a nice survivalist motor home and we’d be proud to call it home.

With all the positives of driving a military vehicle around an urban environment (crushing other cars, total immunity from police deployed spike strips) also come some negatives.  Fuel economy will venture into the integer gallons per mile range and don’t expect it to drive like a Miata or fit through the cones on a slalom…but for the apocalypse-it’s a winner!

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