5k: 1969 Dodge A-108 Xplorer 21 Camper Van

The Dodge A-100 Van/Pickup was a popular Mopar competitor to the VW Van and Ford Econoline.  The A-108 was a long wheelbase version available from 1967-70 used primarily for camper conversions.  This 1969 Dodge A-108 Xplorer 21 Camper Van is for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska for $4300 via craigslist.  (Thanks to tip from DT reader Andy L)

This A-108 looks in remarkable shape given the low asking price and proudly wears a dual tone lime-green/white paint scheme.  The engine (a 318 cubic inch 5.2 liter Dodge LA series V8 putting out 210 horsepower into a 3 speed automatic) is located low and under the driver for a cab-over style setup, so expect funky handling to match the hill climbing ability of a horseless carriage.  You will get in other peoples way on mountain roads.

Inside this camper is equipped with a bathroom, sink, fridge, AC, heater and sleeping accommodations for four hippies.  It still looks nice on the inside and not like the typical crime scene that most cheap used RVs tend to be.  We’ve wandered into a few RVs in junk yards and auction houses and immediately regretted it – but this one looks free of pestilence.

This still looks like a good deal but we’d be sure to thouroughly inspect any Nebraskan campers for signs of the tin worm.  A late 60s Dodge won’t rust like an Italian but it certainly should be thoroughly checked at this price.  But even with some rust it is still a smokin deal for a vintage camper like this.

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