5k: 1968 Volvo Duett; Reader Roadkill

We introduced the Daily Turismo Roadkill badge a few weeks ago as a way for DT readers, commenters and stalkers to share the cars for sale that they’ve found on the side of the road.  This submission is a perfectly timed Thorsday Roadkill and comes from last weeks commenter of the week Scot (big thanks again!). His words and photos follow:


1968 Volvo Duett, possible 72,000 original miles (not fully verified) $4999 with parts car, also.

 short background; in ’09 while in DesMoines for the annual GoodGuys
event @ the state fair grounds, the air conditioning on my 5.0 L 745
Volvo began to misbehave.

0. as i drove east Grand
Avenue i saw that the lot of University Import Service was parked full
of interesting Volvos. so i pulled in figuring i could find some advice
to cure the problem. i got acquainted with Steve McGee, the owner of the
shop and we talked Volvos for a couple hours, although his automotive
background is considerably
more broad. 

.fast forward to last weekend, i returned to
DesMoines to meet friends from around the country at the Salibury
Concours d`Elegance and stayed with an old friend 2 blocks from Steve’s
shop. naturally i went by to discuss our shared love for Volvos.

a pleasant surprise greeted me when i drove past Steve’s shop.  the lot
contained more Volvos – and more interesting Volvos, than my previous

. the first to catch my eye was this final year ’68 Duett
wagon. it is being sold with a 444 Duette parts car for some of those
bits & pieces restorers often spend big money and years trying to


.  according to oral history this car began
life in the US as a part of the diplomatic fleet with the Swiss (yes,
Swiss) consulate in Minneapolis. faculty parking sticker from St
Augsburg College and door lettering hyping Shari’s Chippewa Club bar
& grille hint at other incarnations during it’s existence. but the
condition doesn’t seem that of a 40 year old, upper mid-west Volvo.



 the interior appears to my inspection to be original. the Swedish controls lend credence to the import story.  .the underside, while not entirely rust-free is remarkably
clean. exhaust near new, from down-pipe to tail, body mounting points,



. since purchase the 2 carb, B20 engine received a new water
pump and the 4speed gear box was switched for one that did not jump out
of gear. rebuildable, original core available as separate purchase.




4 included in the asking price, as i said, is this ’58 (or so) 444 Duett.  

. there are a couple other classic Volvos about to come to
market as they’re completed, so get to know Steve and University Import
if you lust after these cars as we do.

Contact Steve if you are interested in this car –the internet lists the address and telephone for East University Import Service (a Volvo repair shop) as:

1748 E Grand Ave

Des Moines, IA 50316


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