5k: 1966 BMW 2000CS; Some Assembly Required

The Daily Turismo has posted BMW Neue Klasse cars in the past, but mostly plebeian BMW 2002 sedans (yes – they are sedans even with 2-doors because they have a b-pillar – the coupe has no b-pillar and a sexier rear window shape).  It takes a prodigious accumulation of rust & rats inside an NK coupe to get it into our price range – so we are thrilled to see this 1966 BMW 2000CS in Milwaukee, WI for $500 obo via the 24hoursoflemons.com forums.

The seller mentions that he submitted it to BaT but we can only assume they thought his asking price too low (Bring a Taxattorneysalary?) or perhaps were turned away by the Italian car stored in the Great Salt Lake levels of rust.  What we see is potential to the right person and a reasonable price for a pile of parts originally designed by Wilhelm Hofmeister and built by Karmann.

Under the years of oxidation is a 2.0 liter OHC inline-4 putting out 120 horsepower mated to a 4 speed manual transmission powering the rear wheels.  The 2000CS won’t be fast by modern standards, but it has a light and competent chassis and will be rewarding when driven hard.

The inside of this 2000CS looks like Lady Gaga dropped her latest tour wardrobe off in Lindsay Lohan’s bedroom.  We’d give it a serious disinfecting and de-spidering before spending any time inside.  Luckily – the 2000CS does have some aftermarket support and you should be able to buy most interior parts to return this into original condition.  We could hope that some of the 2002 interior parts are shared as they have a fantastic aftermarket.

Lets not beat around the bush – this car is rusty.  Horribly rusty, missing parts, not running – hence the rock bottom price.  But it doesn’t look to have been crashed and most parts are present – so it’s a matter of making a crucial decision: restore, restomod or race?  Only $500 and you can be the one to decide!

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