5k: 1963 SAAB 96 -two stroke!

Welcome to the highlight of the week here at Daily Turismo headquarters -writing for Thorsday, in a bunker, surrounded by pictures of Volvos and our soon to be priceless “The Simpsons” stamp collection.  Last Thorsday we posted a SAAB 96, but it was powered by a silly V4 engine, but any real Saabälskare will demand the sights/sounds/smells of the 3-cylinder 2 -stroke SAAB.  This 1963 SAAB 96 is powered by a 2 stroke engine, for sale in Athens, VT for $5k asking, via craigslist.


The 96 still has the old SAAB aerodynamic look to it – and it will need a low coefficient of drag because its power-plant is something better suited for pushing around motorcycles.  The 96 is powered by an 841 cc (0.8 liter or 51 cubic inch) 3 cylinder two-stroke engine putting out 40 horsepower – into a 3 speed un-syncromeshed column-shifted transmission.  With a non-syncro transmission, you will be doing lots of heel-toe, throttle blipping and general gear-griding and generally impressing the passengers in your bullet-train shaped beast.

The 96 has a unique tear-drop shaped rear-end  ( for aerodynamics again!) and we couldn’t tell you the last time we saw one of these driving on the road..perhaps for good reason.  But if you want a car that consumes tons of oil and isn’t Wankel powered – this is really your only bet.  We only wish that the seller in this ad had put some more pictures of the interior and underhood…but since he didn’t we are going to post some vintage SAAB ads and other random SAAB related photos.

Will the SAAB run forever…probably not…

A random photo of a SAAB enthusiast with a SAAB-barrette.

Does this SAAB have a place in your hangar?

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