5k: 1961 Jeep FC 150; The Jolly Roger’s Dump Truck

The Jeep FC 150 is a truck produced 1956 to 1965, first by Willys (and later Kaiser Jeep).  The FC stands for Forward Control and is a reference to the cab forward design; the FC was available as a pickup, dump truck, flatbed and firetruck.  This 1961 Jeep FC 150 dump truck is for sale in Omaha, NE for the dirt cheap price of $3000 via craigslist (Big thanks to tip from DT regular Andrew L).

The standard FC came from the Willys factory as a pickup, but a number of approved vendors could build various bodies on the truck and we think the dump truck is second in coolness only to the firetruck version.  This particular car is decorated with the Jolly Roger in this photo, so we can only assume the seller has a fantastic sense of humor or is an actual real living pirate.

This FC is equipped with a 2.2 liter Hurricane flat-head inline 4 cylinder engine – which was an updated version of Willys earlier and better named “Go Devil” inline 4.  The Hurricane produces a gusty day level of power and torque, 75 each to be exact, but it produces it peak torque at a heavy duty low 2000 rpm.

We aren’t quite sure what we would do with a vintage dump truck, other than to show all of our friends, relatives, and uninterested wives/pets how awesome it is to own a dump truck.  Bottom line: if you need a sweet hauler and aren’t worried about fixing stuff that breaks on a regular basis a Jeep FC 150 like this one is an excellent option.

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