5k: 1939 Ford Siamese Coupe; Is it Coming or Going? Riddler!

The fine art of mounting two similar cars nose-to-nose has evolved over the years from home brew pickups all the way to the guys on Top Gear BBC trying their hand at the coming/going car.  This 1939 Ford Siamese Coupe looks to be a great example, is built on an 1980s Chevy chassis and is for sale in Pontiac, IL currently bidding on ebay for $2,650 with 5 days to go.

Staring at this coupe too long will leave you dog tired.

  It is such a confusing image to try and comprehend…but apparently some enterprising madman attached two 1939 Ford Coupe front ends together on an undisclosed Chevy chassis.  It looks surprisingly good for what it is and comes fully decorated in American Legion Post No.78 livery.

This beast is powered by what is probably a 3.8 liter V6 from a 1980 Camaro – which would put out roughly 100 horsepower on a good day – not exactly the highlight of Detroit engineering.  At the very least it should last for a few hundred thousand miles and parts are cheap.

Pictured here is the front facing seat, but the rear facing looks similar.  Expect to accidentally get in the back seat on a regular basis, because there isn’t much to tell them apart aside from the lack of floor mounted gearshift in the ‘back’. 

Are we looking at the back or front?  This is the front because it lacks the red inserts that function as tailights in the front of the back end…confused?  What isn’t confusing is a “Vietnam Vets are not Fonda Jane” bumper sticker on the back..errr..front..well, both.  Kids, if you don’t know what this means, ask your parents, they probably won’t know either and you may have to ask your grandparents…Just keep asking older folks until you understand the joke!

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