500k: Dirty Trackismo: Merritt Speedway

So you purchased some fancy pants newfangled sports car, but every time you get into the throttle you wind up with a traffic ticket or manslaughter charges.  What if, for the price of a 1 brdm fixer upper in Malibu, you could buy an entire racetrack as a vacation home?  It even comes with a water truck, a bucket truck (T-bucket truck?), a road grader (this road sucks, I give it a C-), Jeep pusher vehicle, a ’77 Trans-Am Pace Car and an ’87 Monte Carlo pace car…plus 80 acres of land.  Find the 3/8th Mile Dirt Track Merritt Speedway offered for $550,000 via RacingJunk.com, located in Lake City, MI.

The Merritt Speedway is a small dirt track located in the middle of nowhere that hosts Saturday night events such as the Wood Tic 100.  It features 9 buildings, 3 restrooms and seating for 4500 (beat that with your fancy optional 3rd row station wagon!!).  This speedway even comes with its own website — http://www.merrittspeedwaymi.com.

It really doesn’t matter if you are looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence in the Lake City (aka Christmas Tree Capital of the midwest, pop 836) area, but this Tony Stewart free dirt track looks like a steal.  What else are  you gonna do with half a million smackeroos?  Buy Marvin Gaye’s Rolls?  tips@dailyturismo.com