5.0 Project: 1985 Volvo 245 wagon

Poorly written Craiglist ads can be annoying, but sometimes offer up big buying opportunities.  Some sellers just don’t know much about a car and despite near everyone having a smartphone with camera some do not post up any useful pictures.  The world is not made up of car enthusiasts or DT readers! V8 swapped Volvos usually command a healthy premium in the marketplace so it is very noteworthy to find one for sale under a grand in any condition.  Find this 1985 Volvo 245 V8 wagon for sale in Stafford Springs, CT for $800 via craigslist.

The details are a little thin on this car so this is a bit of a short take.  With only one picture in the ad, it doesn’t make for a great DT subject except for the exceptionally cheap price on a potentially cool ride.

The fuel injected 5.0 engine has not run in a couple years and the seller speculates that it has either a fuel or ignition problem.  The car does not have a title and was last registered in state of CT.  If you live in CT, a title is not needed on a car this old.  Other states may have different rules so it may be more of a issue depending on where you live.  The car needs to be towed and the seller is open to offers.

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