5-Speed Rarity: 2004 Mazda6 Sport Wagon

I have been a fan of the styling of the Mazda6 since they hit showrooms for the 2003 model year, and the wagon is an example of what a Japanese family car can and should look like — are you listening Toyota/Honda? Power comes from either 4-cylinder or V6 gasoline engines, which were available with 5-speed (and after 2005 model year 6-speed) manual transmissions. Yup, even the wagon was available with the bigger engine and a manual — are you listening BMW? Find this 2004 Mazda6 Sport Wagon offered for $1195 near Ann Arbor, MI via craigslist.

I know what you are thinking — an 04 Mazda 6 wagon with 5-speed for about a grand — there must be a catch?  Yup.  There certainly is.  The engine needs some work — the seller says that “testing” has indicated low compression in cylinders 4 & 6, so you are likely looking at a full rebuild or a new engine.  

Interestingly enough, on eBay you can get a Mazda6 MZI V6 engine for about $1200-$1500 that is in running condition, but you can get the Ford Taurus Duratec version for about $250-$500 — which now explains why the Mazda6 from the other day had the Ford engine.  The bottom line here is: if you are handy you might be able to have a manual trans Mazda6 wagon for about $2500 after a few weekends in the garage. 

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