5-Speed E34: 1990 BMW 535i

As someone who daily drives a car from the early 1990s, I can say one thing for sure…thirty year old cars aren’t that much different from brand new cars today. Sure, you’ll have a few more creaks and groans from the suspension and you won’t have automatic lane departure warning buzzards (I’m not sure why you’d want a buzzard to peck at your neck when you change lanes without a blinker, but I hear they are friendly birds if treated properly and only molt twice a year) and self aspirating seats (“You can’t never take wound care too seriously” — said the spokeswoman from Toyota at the last year’s Detroit Auto Show) but imagine driving a 30 year old car in 1970, that would have been a 1940s model year car. Or even driving a 30 year old car in the year 2000 — a 1970 Torino would have been nuts to daily drive in 1999…but you could easily drive this next car every day and not have people calling the cops on you. Find this 1990 BMW 535i offered for $6,000 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

1990 bmw 535i
cylinders: 6 cylinders
fuel: gas
odometer: 143238
paint color: red
title status: clean
transmission: manual
For Sale 1990 BMW 535i (5 speed)

This car runs and looks great, in a color combo that’s hard to find, especially with a manual transmission. All of the inspections and work have been done by The M Shop on Verdugo, known to be a little more pricey, but they really know what they are doing and what to look out for on these older BMWs. When I bought it, they ran it through their Inspection 2 Service, any serious problems they found were fixed right away.

Tires have about 1200 miles
New Battery
Transmission Flushed
New Transmission Mounts
Spark Plugs Changed
Fuel Filter Changed
Air Filter Changed
Relay Module Changed
New Front Break Pads and Discs
New Rear Dog Bones
New Rear Sway Bar
New Exhaust Hanger
New Clutch Slave Cylinder
New Air Intake Boot

A few things to consider:
-The AC is currently not working. It must be a leak because I brought it in and The M Shop did a conditioner check and added freon, and it was working again for awhile, but eventually stopped.
-The Driver door break needs to be fixed
-There’s a small dent on the hood, some chips and paint blemishes, but overall the paint is in pretty good shape.
-The windshield has a small crack that doesn’t effect the driving
-As for the interior, it’s pretty nice, except for one of the rear seatbelt holders, the door cards, and some door trim here and there. Seats, dash and gauge cluster are all really nice.

It’s been a blast to drive, I get a lot of random compliments when I’m driving around town and it’s been fun to experience BMW as they were back in the day. Ultimately though, I’m ready to get back to a more modern car, and I just don’t want the extra burden of owning 2 cars, which is why I’m selling it.

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