4th Tour: 1972 BMW 2002 with Ford 5.0

Remember that BMW 2002 that wasn’t a BMW 2002?  No?  It was a tube frame chassis with some BMW parts hanging out on top of a small block Ford V8 and it went from $6k…then $10k..and finally for $15 with a new paint job each time — just read up on this article from 2013.  The beast is back for sale — find this 1972 (or 1969?) BMW 2002 offered for $11,000 in Dallas, TX via craigslist.  Tip from Jack.

From the seller:

 This is your chance to own a one of a kind remake car!! 1972 bmw 2002 race car!! This car is completely custom from suspension, engine, interior!!! This car has a Ford 302ci v8 in it!! Has suspension set up for road racing equipped with a tremec transmission!! This car could easily be driven daily as well as a track car on the weekend!! I have spent tons of money and hours getting this completely custom car the way desired!! Tons of fun to drive!! Has about 400hp which in a car that weighs 2000lbs means if it had wings it would fly!!!

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