4k: Skinned Rabbit; White Inside: 1993 VW Cabriolet

Chick Cars. There is a whole subset of small, fun, and affordably priced vehicle that has traditionally received the stigma; the Mazda Miata, Honda Civic del Sol, VW New Beetle, VW Jetta, and of course the drop-top VW Cabrio all come to mind. But who cares? Is the stigma earned – are these actually terrible cars to drive? No. In most cases they are fun, light, and cheap. Every track day and cheap racing series across the country is littered with countless Miatas. Get over it. Why not get some kicks out of a car that other guys are too insecure to drive, and get some Vitamin D in the process. Find this 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet Collector’s Edition for sale in Glen Burnie, MD for $4000 obo via the turbobricks.com forums (membership required to view; sorry).

It’s amazing that Volkswagen was producing this 1st-generation Cabrio all the way up through 1993 being based as it was on the original Mk1 Golf / Rabbit that was introduced in 1974. The Cabrio lasted a full 10 years after the Mk1 was otherwise killed, except for the South African Mk1 “Citi Golf” that somehow remained undead until the end of its 2009 model year.

While the Miata is the quintessential RWD “chick car” drop top, it’s not the only one that can be a hoot to drive. After all the Mk1 Golf platform was the basis for the original GTI. I’m no expert in early watercooled VW product but there should be plenty of chassis, suspension, brake, and engine upgrades that cross over to the Cabrio body. Incidentally, this flat black Cabrio featured in 2013 is probably the manliest that these cars could possibly look.

Today’s particular example is lined in an ’80s-fantastic white interior that channels all sorts of Miami Vice references, of which I will spare the reader. The white top needs some repair or replacement, the AC isn’t functional, and the airbag light is on, but overall this car presents extremely well for the price. It’s got a 5-speed manual and only 78k miles. The little 8-valve 1.8L four cylinder won’t get testosterone flowing with its 94hp output, but at only 2300 lb the topless Rabbit will at least scoot out of its own way.

Is your Don Johnson big enough to drive this without fear of ridicule? Hey, at least it doesn’t have K-Jet like a Mk1 GTI!

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