4k: Adoraboosted: 1991 Geo Metro, Firefly Turbo swap

In April, we took the Maple-leaf wraps off of the Canadian-only Pontiac Firefly, basically a turbocharged Geo Metro. Starting with the 1.0-liter G10 three-cylinder engine, Chevy added an intercooler (the size of a postage-stamp) and a snail (the size of… a snail) for a grand total of 70 horsepower. Today, someone has lifted the Firefly drive train, ECU, and dashboard from the Firefly and stuffed it in a Yankee Geo where it belongs. And it looks so right. Find this 1991 Geo Metro with Firefly Turbo powertrain in Renton, WA for $3,500 via craigslist.

The engine is just a modernized, fuel-injected version of the Chevy Sprint Turbo unit. Full boost pressure happens from 2,800 to 6,500 rpm, with peak horsepower happening at 5,500. Compared to the Geo Metro XFi, it’s down 15 highway MPG (to just 43) but is up 15 horsepower. That’s a good trade-off, although if the fuel efficiency dips below 40, the case for this car gets thrown out in my court.

Along with the OEM hood scoop, rear wing, and turbo decals, the seller added 14″ mesh wheels from an RX-7, and a urethane front lip. The effect is a chipmunk with a spiked mohawk, and probably strikes with equal force. The whole interior has been redone with fresh carpet, sound deadening, and – finally – cup holders. Really, most of the car has been recently gone-over, including control arms, springs and shocks, timing belt, and a lot more.

To put this tyke into perspective, here’s how it stacks up against a 996 911 Turbo: The Geo has half the cylinders and turbo count of the 911, half as many driven wheels, half the exhaust outlets… and 16.8% of the power. Granted, owning either one is a strictly spiritual pursuit that can’t be quantified, and it wouldn’t take long to warm up to either machine. Even a cul-de-sac lap in this turbulent tot would do the trick.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.