49 of 50: Eileen: 1992 Subaru SVX w/ 5-spd Manual

Why is it that humans always save the worst for last?  Kids will eat every bit of yummy mac ‘n’ cheese to only stare at the overcooked and now cold broccoli and despair.  It was DT’s darkest hour and we just couldn’t find a single manual transmission’d Subaru SVX…but a light flickered at the end of the tunnel.  A google search reaveled the common use of WRX transmissions for SVX 5-spd swaps and a new door of opportunity was opened.  Former tipper Kaibeezy, now turned DT un-paid intern found this Eileen with standard gearbox with only minutes to spare.  Take a look at this 1992 Subaru SVX w/5spd manual for sale in Nevada City, CA for $6,500 via craigslist.  Please, take a really good look because it took a LONG LONG time to find…

The Subaru SVX was only produced with a 4-speed auto transmission, but enterprising gearheads figured out that the WRX 5-speed manual is easily adapted to the SVX 3.3 liter EG33 flat-6.  The resulting car will have 220 horsepower, all-wheel-drive and might actually be fun to drive!

Only one more to go…

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