40 Years Fresh: 1976 Chrysler Galant

Mitsubishi didn’t start selling cars under its own name in Australia 1980, producing cars in the old Chrysler Australia factory in SA. It was a fairly open secret that Mitsubishi was behind Chrysler’s smaller offerings; this Galant, and the Sigma which replaced it the next year.  Find this 1976 Chrysler Galant for sale in Maddington, WA, Australia, for $3,950 AUD ($2,900 USD at the time of writing) via gumtree.

White vinyl roof, white vinyl seats: was there anything quite like the 70s? Never the less, they’re both in good condition, much like the rest of the car. The most noticeable problem (shown below) is the lightly dented front bumper. Although the back of the car isn’t shown, we’re sure it’s just as clean as the rest of it.

There’s no word on originality, but there’s no reason to believe the five-digit odomoter’s 35,000km aren’t original. It’s always interesting to see cars that were only ever intended to be a commuter or small family car survive 40 years and come out of the other end still pristine. These were mostly crushed by the end of the millenium, so we hope this one can keep on chugging for another 40 years.

Offered as a coupe, wagon, and sedan – as seen here – the Galant was Chrysler’s bread-and-butter car, slotting below the bigger Valiant models. 1977 was the last year Australia saw a Galant-badged car, although subsequent Mitsubihi Sigmas, Magnas, and 380s were all localised Galants. The 380 (based on the ’04-’12 US Galant) was a make-or-break car for Mitsubishi down under, and it flopped badly, lasting only three years (’05-’08) on the market, when Mitsubishi stopped local production for good.

If you’re one for stats, unlike all Galant buyers in the 70s probably were, then we’ve got you covered: the 1.6L present produced 100hp. However, this one is equipped with a 4-speed manual, delivering power to the rear. Combine that with under a tonne of mass, the Galant should be fun to drive, if not especially fast. Also, check out the awesome Galant badge on the front, with a cheeky appearance of the Mitsubishi logo.

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Michael is a teenager who’s been obsessed with cars since he was able to talk, but has no ability in mechanics whatsoever. His daily driver is a manual transmission Nissan Maxima – the Australian Infiniti I30.