3k: Seller Submission: 1984 BMW 745i Turbo 5-Spd

If you pay attention on this website you might notice that we typically don’t feature cars that have been covered by any of the big players in the classic car blogosphere, such as Bringatrailer, Jalopnik’s Nice-price-or-crack-pipe by the always entertaining Graverobber (someday I’m going to hire that guy to write for this site!), autoblog, hooniverse, et cetera…but today we are going to make an exception because the seller sent the following note:   I’ve submitted it to a few other worthy sites; they’ve all felt it was worth blogging about. I’m flattered (but there’s no place like DT). I’d feel privileged if you could abuse my CL ad with the usual DT commentary…any feedback from your legions of well-read blog followers is more than welcome.  Oh flattery will get you…somewhere…how about here: Find this 1984 BMW 745i Turbo 5-Spd offered for $3,500 via craigslist, located in Bethel Park, PA.

First and foremost, lets hit the basics via the usual DT commentary.  This is a grey market BMW 745i turbo, which wears slim euro bumper and has had a 5-speed manual gearbox swap.  It all sounds fantastic on paper, especially for $3,500, but then you start to dig into the details and suddenly it starts looking less like tasty piece of German white cake and more like an aged dog turd — you know, when they get 2-3 months old and have baked in the sun to an ashen color.

Whoa, who starts writing about dog turds when you’ve got a sweet singing 3.5 liter BMW big-6 boosted to about 300 horsepower and mated to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox?  Powertrain wise, the car sounds dialed in and nice, but then after your read the sellers 23rd paragraph you get into a little section that starts with So why such a reasonable price? Well…  Aha!  To his credit the seller seems an honest fellow and he admits that the car needs…oh…suspension work, new headliner, new dash, new seats, new windshield, some wiring problems fixed…the list goes on.

The part that has probably scared off the thousands of folks who have seen it on Bringatrailer and Jalopnik (and courageous enough to click on a link for a site called rustybuttrusty) is the fact that it has a respray (with a few flaws), rust in chassis corners and the trunk spoiler isn’t sealed up.  So what this car really needs is a donor e23 7-series, like this BMW 735i offered for $2900 in California. A donor for parts?  No.  Do it the other way around, take all the good engine/trans/diff/euro style from this car and slap it into a $1k-$2k 733ii with automatic and 300k miles.  With a total outlay of $4k you now have a properly good looking, non rusty, BMW with functioning headlights and sweet power train. Sounds win-win-win!  All you need is two driveway spots, a season of weekends and a forgiving spouse.

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