3k: Plain White Paper: 1988 Volvo 240 DL, 4-door, 5-speed

Yesterday’s low mile Volvo sedan was too much to take – slushbox, $10k price tag…MADNESS!!  It is time to get back to DT basics with this 1988 Volvo 240 5-speed offered for $2750 in the Bay Area, CA.  A 80s Volvo sedan won’t get you front row parking from the Valet, but it will be a great family hauler and something to pickup rare parts for your Italian garage queen.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This 5-speed equipped white whale isn’t exciting for anyone but a dyed in the wool Volvo nut, but it certainly beats the pants off a Camry, Accord, Focus or other bare bones econobox.  The 4-door sedans are the most pedestrian of the three different 240
body styles offered by Volvo over the years and are the most plentiful.  The
4-doors sedan model is also easier for back seat passenger access and a good choice
for a 240 fan who has car-seat sized offspring and doesn’t need a wagon for his trunk sized dog or cat.

Pop the hood and we find the simple and effective B230F naturally
aspriated, overhead cam, 8-valve 2.3L inline-four. Unfortunately the factory
240 Turbo cars were last produced in 1985, and by ’88 there was only
this one gasoline engine option offered in North America. Mileage is great with the EFI engine, especially paired with the 5-speed manual. If
economy isn’t the highest priority and the entertainment factor needs to
be turned up a notch, adding a turbo system from a 740 or 940 is fairly
straightforward. Fuel & ignition control units, the turbo itself,
exhaust manifold, airbox, intercooler and plumbing can all be adapted to
work on the later 240s.

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