3k: It’s Not Easy Being Green: 1973 Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer was arguably the world’s first luxury 4×4 sport utility vehicle, combining rugged off-road capability with a few touches of luxury (wood panels, comfy interior, etc).   Unfortunately, the combination of rugged off-road chassis and luxury features/performance add up to one heavyweight gas guzzler and consumables cruncher; tires, brakes, etc. will need to be replaced more often than a standard car-based wagon.  The result is a car that isn’t quite collectible like a sports car, and may not be practical as a daily driver like many other cheap classics. For a vintage SUV, the cost of a good example is often equal to the cost of gas for a year.  This is good news for someone who just needs an extra car for hauling duty or offroading fun and doesn’t need a trailer queen.  Find this 1973 Jeep Wagoneer for sale in Portland, OR for $2,900.  Seller submission from Ian.

The early Wagoneers were built by Willys-Overland Motors which later changed its name to Kaiser Jeep Corporation.  Kaiser Jeep was then swallowed by AMC in 1970 and the Wagoneer got an injection of AMC engines/powertrains and philosophy.

This Wagoneer is powered by a 360 cubic inch (5.9 liter) V8 putting out 195 horsepower into a 3-speed automatic transmission.  The featured Wagoneer has had its engine recently rebuilt and features AMC’s Quadratrac permanent all-wheel-drive system.

Honestly the coolest thing about this car is the Fairway Green paint over the green cloth interior – what a money combo. Over the Brooks Stevens designed body of a classic FSJ (fullsize Jeep), green on green works perfectly. See a better lake house road trip car? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com