3k: Beemustang ; 1977 BMW 350i – 5.0 V8 Swapped 3-series

The E21 generation BMW 3-series was a logical evolution of the BMW Neue Klasse (2002/1600) and started to cement BMW’s reputation for building sporty luxury sedans.  The E21 wasn’t about straight line performance, eschewing displacement for its sweet sounding inline 6 engines…unless some country boys have swapped in a Ford 5.0 V8.  Find this 1977 BMW E21 320i 350i for sale in Cameron, KS for $3,000 via craigslist.

The seller has removed the USDM cow-catcher style E21 bumper in favor of a 2002 Turbo look front bumper/valence.  The wheels are 14-inchers from a Camaro — and the photos show 5-lug wheels meaning these have been converted, probably to a 5x120mm pattern, which is close enough to 5×4.75inch to allow GM/BMW wheel swaps.

The 5.0 V8 engine in this ‘conversion’ is from a 1989 Ford Mustang, which would have made 225 horsepower…add some aftermarket parts, some custom tune and it probably makes 200 hp.

The big disappointment from the interior shots (aside from exposure issues) is the automatic shifter sticking up from the floor, but we assume a T-5 will fit and bolt right up to the 5.0 without any problems.

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