3365 Miles? 1974 Pontiac Ventura Custom

I firmly believe that the 6 digit odometer, the prevalence of maintenance tracking apps like Carmax/Autocheck, and the rise of global internet auctions have somewhat turned car collecting into something akin to stamp collecting. There was a time when you judged a vehicle’s value based on a thorough inspection, a good test drive and your ability to tell if a car was junk…but these other tools (Carmax/Odo etc) have turned some of the car hobby into this armchair valuation game where 90s Miatas with 225 miles on the odometer are treated like they are something special. And this next car is a prime example, except I wouldn’t buy it without a good inspection and I wouldn’t assume the odo hadn’t flipped a few times, and I wouldn’t let it sit in my garage collecting dust while I waited to sell it for profit. Drive the dang things, that’s why they have wheels folks. Find this 1974 Pontiac Ventura Custom bidding for $12,000 with a few hours to go located in Fourmile, KY via eBay.

From the seller:

Pontiac Other . Condition is Used.

Up for your consideration is a 1974 Pontiac Ventura. The description is as follows:

(AA) First, let’s talk about a little history of thecar. It was purchased new by an older couple in Welch, West Virginia at GianatoPontiac. The couple had only driven the Ventura 1,700 miles from purchase date1974 until 2015 from what I understand from the daughter of the originalpurchaser. The daughter and her husband took ownership of the car with 1,700miles after the passing of her mother. Afterfive years of owning the Pontiac, it still has exceptionally low mileage. It currently sits at 3,365 originalmiles that I believe to be correct from what I was told from thedaughter and her husband who are in their 70’s and from inspection of thePontiac.

(BB) Body and Paint. The Ventura is Admiralty Bluewith Cameo White painted top and has had repaint only once due to the garagethat it was stored in had a leaking roof and had dripped on the right frontfender and hood so the son-in-law had the car completely repainted. It showsvery good still today but I probably would not have had it painted all over.The body is in excellent condition with ZEROrust issues.

(CC) Interior: The inside still looks new. It haswhite interior and is in great condition and still has the original plastic on theseats. The family told me that theplastic has never been removed from the seats for the life of the car. The dash and dash pad is perfect as well asthe rear window tray, headliner, and carpet.

(DD) Drive train: The Ventura is equipped with aPontiac 350 engine and transmission. According to the Window Sticker the rear axlehas a non-limited slip 3.08 gear ratio, power steering, and two barrel carb withdual exhaust. The engine and transmission work as they should. The son-in-lawalso put new tires on it because the original tires were badly dry rotted. Hedid not save the old tires. I ask when I purchased the car.

(EE) Documentation: I have the original build sheetand the window sticker and I believe the purchase information. Many of theinspection or insurance papers or cards. I have found one receipt for an oilchange dated 1976 and it shows the car only had 800 miles two years afteroriginal purchase. The original purchaser’s name and address as well as thedaughter and son-in-law’s name and address.

(FF) Overview – I drove this car about 200 milesfrom West Virginia. The car drove goodbut the brakes did feel a little soft and probably need to be flushed andlooked over. The engine ran good but I would think it would need new gaskets, atune up, oil change and maybe a nice detail from all the years of setting.

Winning bidder is responsible for any and all shipping orpick-up.

No warranty is expressed or implied.

If you have any questions contact me though eBay. You arealso welcome to come and view the Pontiac after contacting me to set up a time.Thank you all and good luck.

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