2k: Whip Or Wreck: 1969 Ford Cortina 1600 GT

Surf craigslist (or eBay) and you’ll see an incredible variety of ad styles.  I typically stay away from CAP’T CAPSLOCK, Fuzzy McPhotos and the thumb over the license plate guy, while ads with clear pics/description are worth a look.  Unfortunately, the best deals you will ever find on a classic are often from photo-free ads with a few lines and a dirt cheap price.  Find this 1969 Ford Cortina 1600 GT offered here on craigslist in Corona, CA for $2,500 located in Corona, CA.

The seller did not include any photos, so I found this vintage Cortina advertisement from Ford South Africa, although the car listed on craiglist above could be a 2-door.  If the car is a rusted hulk with a seized engine, stay away — but if it is a running/driving Cortina with some patina, it could be well purchased.

There aren’t many Cortinas for sale at any given time, but tipper Mark sent us a few, including this 1968 Cortina GT offered here on craigslist for $12,000 in Ann Arbor, MI.  The price is on the high side for a Cortina but if it really is in perfect shape it could be worth the extra dough.

The one, a 1969 Cortina Wagon, found here on craigslist is another tip from English Ford lover Mark, who writes:

Long roof – check
California car – check
Rust –oops
Overlooking that for the moment and assuming you can get the hulk that is left for about $600.00 what would you put in (once you had sorted the rust so you were sure it would be road worthy)

A newer eco boost? An older Merkur XR4ti turbo unit?

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