2k: War Wagon: 1966 Ford Falcon Deluxe

The third generation Ford Falcon was as close as you could get to a Mustang wagon when it was first introduced in 1966.  It shared much of its drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and interior bits with Ford’s successful pony car, but was positioned as a cheaper alternative for the family man.  Find this  1966 Ford Falcon 4 Door Deluxe Wagon 289 here on eBay currently bidding for$1,900 with 6 days to go, located in Chester, NY.

The Falcon continues to be one of the better deals for a compact V8 powered domestic from the 1960s, and this one looks decent for current bidding price.  It does have some rust, is a recolor from the original factory blue, and the bumpers are painted body color — but those are issues you could fix if you’ve got a good local paint/body shop. 

Under the hood is a Ford 289 cubic inch WindsorV8, good for something around 200 SAE gross horsepower when new.  With the Ford V8 additional power and torque is as easy as A, B, C (Air, Backpressure, Cams).

The interior is pretty nasty, but most parts should be shared with more common 2-door Falcons/Mustangs and be available from various aftermarket sources. 

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