2k: Swifty Swine: 1987 Chevrolet Sprint, 1.3L I-4 Swap

(9th-Dec-2013) Commenter Alex V pointed out that Swifty Swine is back on craigslist for $4,500, now in Sun Valley, CA and soon will be an option for investment in your company’s 401k plan.

(6th-Nov-2013), the Swifty Swine is back on craigslist now for $3,600 in Los Angeles, CA.  The night time photos confirm it is the same car, but the ad looks to be either from a buyer with second thoughts or an unambitious flipper. New tip from Kaibeezy.

(18-Oct-2013) If you’ve ever been to a fair in the Southwest,
you’ve likely stumbled across the Swifty Swine Pig Racing show – if not,
I highly recommend checking out the worlds fastest pork the next time
they are in town. These adorable little miniature pigs race around the
track to see who can get to an Oreo cookie first.  It is great fun for
the family and cute, a perfect match for the Suzuki Swift/Chevrolet
Sprint/Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly supermini hatchback.  Find this 1987 Chevrolet Sprint with Suzuki 1.3L inline-4 swap track rat for sale in Montclair, CA for $2,500 via craigslist. Tip from Alex V.

It doesn’t look like much has changed since the previous sale (or seller…or ad) but this Sprint/Swift whatever still hits all the right notes for us.  What’s more DT than taking the most pathetic little crapbox and turning it into something that really goes?  Oh yeah, doing it on the cheap!

The Chevrolet Sprint would have originally been equipped with an anemic inline-3 cylinder rattle trap that put out something like 46 horsepower, although there was a factory turbo version that put out 70 hp.  Regardless, the engines still had a hard time pushing around the 1500 lb hatch.

The seller of this Sprint has upped the speed considerably by adding an extra cylinder, in the form of a 1.3 liter inline-4 cylinder DOHC engine from Suzuki Swift that makes 91 horsepower stock, perhaps a few more in this non-street legal “racer.”  No underhood pics unfortunately, but we hope the swap is clean and with any luck (and a little work) this may be California BAR stickerable for smog.

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