2k: Still Running? 1982 Renault Fuego

The Fuego was built by Renualt from 1980 to 1986, sold in the US through AMC dealers and featured such innovations as
the world’s first keyless remote system and steering wheel mounted stereo
controls. The Fuego was named for the Spanish word for fire (cue 10,000 French car on fire jokes) and bares some resemblance to Giugiaro’s Isuzu Impulse. However, the Fuego was designed in house at Renault, overseen by Robert Opron
who was responsible for design of the Citroën SM, GS & CX.  Find this 1982 Renault Fuego currently bidding for $1,875 on ebay with 1 day to go, located in Yakima, WA.  Tip from Mike D.

The Fuego used various parts from other Renault vehicles including the floorpan/drivetrain from the 18 and a suspension borrowed from the 20/30.  It might not look the part today, but the Fuego was a “halo” car for Renault when it first launched. The rejection from American buyers was a final nail in the coffin for the French automaker’s prospects in the US market. 

The US market Fuego was available in Turbo and naturally aspirated inline-4 engine options; this one isn’t turbo and is powered by either a 1.4 liter rated at 65 horsepower or a 1.6 liter rated at 95 horsepower (the internet isn’t being very forthcoming about US market Fuego specifications today). 

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