2k: Some Importation Required: 1975 Fiat 1300

The Republic of Macedonia of is one of the pieces left over after the dissolution of the country formerly known as Yugoslavia, and is situated between Kosovo, Albania, Serbia and Greece.  Ignoring the potential unpleasantness associated with the hundreds of years old Balkan conflicts, it sounds like a great place for a summer trip to pickup a classic car and drive it to a port city for shipment home.  Find this 1975 Fiat 1300 offered for $2,000 buy-it-now or best offer, located in Macedonia via eBay.  Tip from Christopher M.

The Fiat 1300 was medium sized sedan from the Italian automaker that was built from 1961 to 1967.  Many derivatives of the 1300 were built around the world, including the SEAT 1500, Fiat 125, Polski Fiat 125p Zastava 1300.

The 1300 is powered by a 1.3 liter overhead valve inline-4 cylinder that is rated at 60 horsepower from the factory.  Performance with the 4-speed manual transmission will be sluggish, but nothing out of the ordinary for a classic.  Prepare to plan ahead and it won’t be too bad.

The only issue with this car is if the seller is real or not. It could easily be a scammer, but you won’t know until your money is long gone.  Caveat emptor.  Send us your tips!  tips@dailyturismo.com