2k: Simmer And Serve: 1980 Fiat X1/9

 People write the best stuff in craigslist advertisements.  Take this 1980 Fiat X1/9 offered for $2,695 here on craigslist, located in Council Bluffs, IA.  The seller calls the X1/9 “reduced.”  Just how do you reduce a Fiat anyway?  Simmer it in the heat of a mid-western summers with annual salt baths during the winter months and it’ll soon be thickened into a nice sauce.  Tip from Gerald.

The Fiat X1/9 was designed by Marcello Gandini (Alfa Montreal; Bugatti EB110; BMW e12 5-series concept, Ferrari Dino 308GT4; Lamborghini Countach, Diablo, Espada, Jarama, Miurar & Urraco; Lancia Stratos; Maserati Khamsin, Ghibli II, Quattroporte) of Italian design house Gruppo Bertone, and manufactured by Fiat from 1972-1982.  Bertone took production in house in 1982 and produced another 20,000 X1/9s (on top of the 140k produced by Fiat) through 1989. 

The X1/9 is powered by a  Fiat 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder SOHC engine putting out 85 horsepower
and about 87 ft-lbs of torque.  However, the X1/9 is a light car and with a sub 2000 lb curb weight, 0-60 will pass in 10 seconds
and you might be able to reach the advertised top speed of 112 mph with a really long stretch of tarmac.

Ask anybody who owns an X1/9 and they will tell you the best part about the car is being able to drive at 9/10ths while everyone else on the road is just cruising around.  Want to beat that old man in a Plymouth PT Cruiser to the freeway on-ramp?  Yer gonna need ever ounce of the little engine behind you and don’t forget to drop the clutch.

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