2k: Rumble Bee: 1993 Ford Festiva Custom

Welcome back to Garage Creations on Discovery, we are here today in the Northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula, an area home to a number of fascinating indigenous species.  We are going to witness another one of life’s miracles, in that special time when the frost has cleared from a long winter and the native gear head emerges from the hibernation in welding gas fumigated garages.  Today, a young pup takes his first walk on shaky new legs — let’s watch.  Find this 1993 Ford Fiesta Festiva Custom here on eBay currently bidding for $900 reserve-not-met with a $2,800 buy-it-now located in Petosky, MI (home of everyone’s favorite real life crime fighter, the Petosky Batman!!).

You don’t need to be a masked vigilante to immediately recognize genius when you see it. The Rumble Bee started life as a Ford Fiesta Limited, but someone, who was not limited by societal norms, decided to create a buggy looking thing. 

The seller claims this thing was modified by “Walsh Enterprises” but I couldn’t find any other reference to any legitimate car customizing shop with that name.  But somebody hacked off the roof and added a roll cage, custom “Harley Davidson exhaust”, and jacked up the rear end. 

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