2k: Papa Smurf: 1971 Toyota Corona Mark II

 The T6 generation Toyota Corona Mark II was sold from 1968-1972 as a mid range offering, nicer than the basic Corona, but not as well equipped as the Crown.  The Mark II was exported to North America with larger displacement R-series engines and available with front bucket seats, center console and choice of manual or automatic transmissions.  Today the Corona isn’t collectable like other small imported sedans from the same era (BMW 2002, Datsun 510), but that only means they are good deals when you find one that hasn’t rusted back into the earth.  Find this 1971 Toyota Corona Mark II offered for $2200 in Torrance, CA via craigslist.

This Corona Mark II is wearing vintage appropriate California blue plates, so it is probably not badly rusted, but part of the reason you don’t see these is that they did rust quick when exposed to moisture and salt. 

Under the hood is a carburetor fed version of the Toyota R engine -not sure if this is 1.6 liter (85 horsepower) or 1.9 liter (100 horsepower) version – perhaps a R-series savant in the comments can help us. Either way, you aren’t going to get away from Gargamel in this thing…it is sloooow.

Automatic tranmission, period correct grandpa steering wheel wrap, baggy seat covers, universal floor mats…random plastic wrap all over the door cards…yeah…this thing is pretty sweet…

Hope that is water and not leaky fluids under this blue classic.  tips@dailyturismo.com