2k: Orangina: 1977 BMW 320i E21

The E21 generation BMW 3-series is sort of the forgotten little brother of the big cheese E30.  Perhaps it is because the E21 never had a hyper-popular fanboy-drool-inducing M version, or Turbo graphic covered version like the 2002, but the market for an E21 is very affordable…and that is a good thing.  Find this 1977 BMW 320i E21 offered for $1800 in Fraser, MI via craigslist.

The E21 generation BMW 3-series was initially a project run by Paul Bracq (famous for his work on Benz W108 & W114, French TGV train, BMW 2002 Turbo, and at least one Pope-mobile when he worked at Peugeot)  and later finished by Claus Luthe (first at NSU, Audi and then BMW).  The US version has a bad case of under-bite due to its huge 5mph impact bumpers, but it is hard to tell in this bumperless example.

Under the hood of this E21 is the fuel injected M10, a 2.0 liter inline-4 good for 125 horsepower and mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.  The E21 isn’t a fast vehicle, but its rack-and-pinion steering and lightweight chassis makes a decent and capable back roads car if you enjoy low limits and balanced handling.

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