2k: Notta Pantera: 1980 Dodge DeTomaso Omni 024

 The Dodge Omni was built in large quantities in a Chrysler operated Belvedere Illinois assembly plant, but it was apparently engineered by the French company Simca before being shoved into a Dodge wrapper.  Anyone casually aware of the Omni probably knows their relationship to the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Horizon/Turismo, but you probably didn’t know that Argentinian born sports car builder Alejandro DeTomaso put his name on the side of a few of them.  Find this 1980 Dodge DeTomaso Omni 024 offered for $1500 in Imlay City, MI.  Tip from 300whpcrx.

The DeTomaso option on the basic Omni kept the same VW souced inline-4 cylinder engine, but added two special paint schemes (red or the bright yellow seen here), blacked out trim, special 13inch alloy wheels and those bitchin rear/side window louvers.

The above pictures is either a French engineered, Italian labeled and German built cappuccino machine…or a 1.7 liter Volkswagen engine.  The VW sourced engine puts out 70 horsepower from its single overhead cam and double boiler setup.

Frankly, the most desireable portion of the Omni DeTomaso package is that people might think it isn’t an Omni or that DeTomaso might have injected it with something other than big yellow badges.  More yellow badges on the inside please!

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