2k: Needs TLC: 1966 MG MGB w/ Ford V6

The MGB was the bigger brother to today’s MG Midget, but is still a small car with a fun British attitude. The Midget with V8 power is a monster compared to this featured MGB which is down two cylinders and isn’t ready for rock crawling.  However, it would be a much more “balanced” take on a modified Yank-powered Brit (both physically and mentally). Find this this 1966 MG MGB w/ Ford V6 engine offered at a fair price in San Diego, CA for $2,300 via craigslist.

This MGB needs some work to be ready for the road – the front windshield is broken and the convertible top is a disaster.  However, the V6 engine is probably a 2.8 liter Cologne V6 that put out 108 horsepower stock, probably a few more with set of headers and an opened up exhaust.  Unfortunately the transmission is some kind of slushbox auto from the Mustang donor car, so budget a few hundred dollars to swap in a used T-5 manual if you prefer rowing your own gears in a small roadster – which you should, because it’s an integral part of the bugs-in-your-teeth experience.

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