2k: Just Getting Broken In: 1986 BMW 535i e28

The E28 generation BMW 5-series may not have been the first 5-series launched to the public, but it looks, drives and feels miles ahead of the E12 and much vintagy-er than the E34.  The M5 version has already become a collectible, but if you are looking for a simple 535i, now couldn’t be a better time to pick one up for cheap.  Find this 1986 BMW 535i offered for $2,500 in Berkeley, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This E28 535i has 250k miles on the odometer, but the seller claims to have put 40k on her in the past year.  This probably means the car is well sorted, because that is a metric ton of miles to put on a 30 year old BMW.  However, if you don’t mind replacing the odd wear items (guibo/flex-disc, shifter bushings, suspension rubber) these cars will be happy to cruise long distances, all day, every day.

You can expect decent performance from the 189 horsepower 3.5 liter inline-6 and
5-speed manual gearbox.  With any luck this vehicle is equipped with the commonly selected limited slip diff option. 

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