2k: Give A Mitsu The Finger: 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT

This feature violates all of DT’s basic tenets, specifically it isn’t rear-drive, manual transmission, remotely quick, or even a good deal…so why is it being posted?  Simply because it allows us to ask our readers about one of the oddest phenomenon on craigslist just this side of ALLCAPSLOCK.   It doesn’t matter that this is a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT non-turbo, front drive, slushbox with 230k miles on the odometer offered for $1800 somewhere in Kansas, because you aren’t going to buy it…but you will help us answer the question: Why do people cover their license plates.  Tip from ANCMatt.

It is clear that the photographer’s purpose was to cover his license plate with his finger…but we aren’t quite sure why.  Craigslist is littered with advertisements where the seller has obscured his license plate with an old rag, t-shirt, Photoshop wizardry, a kitten, or (as in this case) a well placed finger.  But why?  What is the purpose?  What possible reason would a seller need to conceal his license plate?  If it is somehow to avoid criminal activity, remember that the same criminals can just drive down the street and see your finger-less license plate in public…un-obscured and ready for whatever trickery they have planned.


Got a good answer for the finger?  Discuss below in the comments.