2k: For Reals? 1988 Plymouth Reliant Wagon, Turbo 2.4 Swap

The Plymouth Reliant was called the Reliant-K because it was based on the K-car platform, K being short for ye olde English spelling of krappe.  It was poorly assembled, ugly, slow…and can only be redeemed by life as a rusted out winter beater or having a proper engine swap.  Find this 1988 Plymouth Reliant Wagon with Turbo 2.4 swap for $2,100 via craigslist.

Before going any farther, we need to need to address the elephant in the room…this may not actually be a turbocharged Reliant wagon.  First up the photo is the stock photo of Reliant wagon from wikipedia…and the engine bay picture is from a Plymouth PT Cruiser (note the non Reliant cowl).  So either the seller was too busy/lazy to take pictures, or this is some kind of scam to collect email addresses from DT’s target audience…i.e. lunatics who would drive a K-car with a turbo 2.4 liter PT Cruiser engine up front.

See another potential way to get smacked in the back of the head and robbed when you show up to test drive an awesome car in a bad part of town (i.e. Detroit). tips@dailyturismo.com